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Pile of Boxes


QuickSwitch Movers Founder

Tavion Drain-CEO

I started QuickSwitch Movers on February 14, 2021. My passion for moving furniture stems from a job I held for about two years from 2017 until 2019. I was a driver for another company. I loved the interaction with customers, my personal success, and the ability to connect with my peers.


I believe every person rather, it be staff or customers, deserves to be happy, without a catch. I vowed to create a new breed of moving company, one where morality and authenticity are at the forefront of its values.

My inspiration is drawn from the conditions of people  in this country. Each one teaches one, as in I have to be better to make others better. I believe if I can do something better in life than I can help others  do better.

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